Respiratory Pathogen Panel

Advanced Medical Diagnostic’s Rapid identification and resistance testing of respiratory pathogens allows for effective antibiotic treatment. Young, elderly and immunocompromised patients are particularly vulnerable to morbidity and mortality due to acute respiratory infections. Multiple pathogen infections are common in these populations. Advanced technology can be used to detect multiple pathogens at once and is essential for infection control. If a test is false negative, you might not get diagnosed right away and it could lead to poor clinical outcomes.

Real-time PCR identifies pathogens and detects antibiotic resistance in 24 to 48 hours. 

  • PCR is the most accurate form of respiratory testing. Unlike other methods of testing, it allows providers to get fast and accurate results that can help them treat patients in a timely fashion.
  • Diagnoses more accurately than Point of Care antigen assays 
  • Improves patient treatment and helps patients receive better care. 
  • Polymicrobial infections are easily detected. 
  • Unaffected by antibiotics 
  • Detects drug resistant bacteria 
  • Aids in quick clinical decisions. 
  • Reduces false negative results improving accuracy
  • Aid in the prevention and treatment of antibiotic resistance. 
  • Reduces the likelihood of prescribing unnecessary drugs and adverse reactions. 

Antiviral medicine like Tamiflu is more effective when the infection is diagnosed within 48 hours of symptoms, for best results, which is why AMD should be your source for diagnostic testing. Viruses are responsible for most cases of the common cold. We want you to be healthy and a diagnosis will help decide whether or not an antibiotic is indicated.

Respiratory Pathogen Panel tests are collected via a nasopharyngeal swab. You can expect within 24-48 hours of the sample being received.

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