Pharmacogenomics Panel

Pharmacogenetic tests are performed to evaluate a person’s potential response to a drug, this test will study how genes affect the way a person will respond to medications. It is then possible to tailor the medication to the specific genetic makeup of the patient. 

Pharmacogenomics testing can reveal the speed of the patient’s metabolism. This is important because a person’s metabolism changes the way their body responds to medication measured by toxicity level, lack of efficacy, and hypersensitivity.


Before starting treatment, it is important to identify which drug might work best. 

PGx allows clinicians to better diagnose and treat the patient while minimizing the risk of serious side effects. 

Modify or change the dose of current medications 

A patient’s PGx level helps clinicians determine the right dose of medication. Allowing patients to take only the medications they require and minimize medication costs

Improved Patient Care 

PGx test results influence how doctors prescribe medications based on a patient’s medical history. 

PGx testing is a minimum invasive test, done by swabbing the cheek for a genetic sample. Test results can take 2-4 weeks. 


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