Genetic Testing for Cancer

At Advanced Medical Diagnostics of Texas, we are proud to offer genomics testing to our clients. Genomics testing is some of the most informative testing currently available, and both physicians and patients can greatly benefit from the wealth or information it provides. 

We now offer genetic testing for a variety of cancers. We use Next Generational Sequencing to test for over 37 cancer-related gene mutations to assess an individual’s risk level for developing various types of cancer. The test detects genetic markers for multiple hereditary cancers, including  prostate, ovarian, breast, hematologic, and other common forms of cancer. 

With these results, a preventative plan can be developed with your healthcare team to minimize the risk of ever developing these types of cancer. 

This is a minimally invasive & painless test, requiring only a small sample collected via an oral mouth swab. Results are back typically within 2 to 4 weeks from when the sample is received at the lab.

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