Diabetes/ Obesity Panel

Advanced Medical Diagnostics of Texas now offers genetic testing for diabetes and obesity. A person’s genetics can greatly affect the probability that they will develop diabetes and/or obesity later in life.  

Obesity is a disease caused by the interaction of a variety of factors, specifically lifestyle choices (like diet and exercise) and genetic factors in their DNA profile. This genetic test provides information that can be used to identify genetic markers with strong influences on diabetes and obesity. This test can help diagnose and determine the proper treatment for these conditions, regardless of the age of the patient or onset of symptoms.  

Type I Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. Unfortunately, this type of  diabetes is a genetic disorder and is a lifelong condition for those who inherit it.. However, Type II Diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistant to  insulin, and sugar builds up in a person’s bloodstream. This can be caused by the interaction of a variety of factors, including poor diet, lack of exercise, and due to genetic factors present in a person’s genetic profile. The good news is that if you are genetically predisposed to develop Type II Diabetes, you are NOT destined to develop the disease. You can reduce the risk of developing Type II Diabetes by making healthy lifestyle choices. Type II Diabetes affects more than 9 million Americans, but it is possible to achieve remission even after developing the disease through weight loss surgery, medications, and/or diet changes. Our genetic testing for diabetes and obesity is highly recommended for anyone with a personal or family history of diabetes and/or obesity. Genetics testing can be extremely beneficial in  creating early awareness about a person’s risk of developing these conditions, as well as how to make lifestyle changes that can reduce the likelihood the  conditions will develop.

Results are typically available within 2 to 4 weeks after our lab receives a sample. This is a minimally invasive, painless test and requires only a simple mouth swab. 

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