24 Hour Covid-19 PCR Testing

COVID-19 has now spread all over the world and has quickly  become a top concern for healthcare providers everywhere. Here at  Advanced Medical Diagnostics of Texas, we offer a COVID-19 PCR  

test with results in 24 hours or less! The COVID-19 PCR test is the  most accurate and reliable COVID test, and why it is currently  considered the “Gold Standard” COVID test in the industry. It  

precisely analyzes the pathogen’s genetic material and gives fast  and accurate results. This helps physicians quickly diagnose their  patients and begin the most efficient and effective treatment  possible. Working with a variety of healthcare facilities, employers,  community groups, and individuals, we help people get tested  quickly and provide accurate PCR test results to improve patient  outcomes during the current COVID crisis. This COVID test also  meets all travel requirements for both domestic and international 


*The turnaround time for the COVID-19 PCR test is 12-24 hours ONCE WE  HAVE RECEIVED THE SAMPLE AT THE LAB. The results are instantly  available to physicians and/or patients via our online portal. This enables our  clients to directly access results immediately upon completion. We also offer  an EXPEDITED COVID-19 TESTING OPTION for those who may have to  travel last minute or find themselves in need of even faster results. 

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We offer the convenience of mobile testing for a small fee of $25