Let Us Come To You For Your Diagnostic Tests

Welcome to Advanced Medical Diagnostics, where we strive to expeditiously accommodate the needs of the consumer with affordability, convenience, quality, and integrity.  Here at AMD we offer the most advanced lab tests to ensure our physicians and patients have no doubt in the reliability of their results when they are delivered within 24 hours of sample receival.  Our purpose in committing to such a fast turnaround is to aid physicians in providing the best care for patients, and to give patients peace of mind with knowledge behind the cause of their symptoms.   

Our testing is mobilized so that you can schedule drop-off test packages that we are more than happy to pick up, from you or your doctor.  Our goal is to serve physicians and communities alike.  This means that our services are not restricted to doctor offices, but we will come to your home to accommodate the needs of you and your family. We are proud to serve collective members of the community as well by accommodating churches, schools, universities, libraries, and so forth.

If you seek testing for symptoms that may convey signs of COVID or respiratory infections AMD is your primary option.  We also offer an expedited COVID testing option for those who may have to travel last minute.  We are pleased to accept most insurances and medicare as means of payment for our services. Our staff has over 20 years of experience in the medical testing field deeming us just as qualified as we are proud to serve you!


Our Process


Treat patients with personalized care that’s backed by evidence.  

Symptom Identification and Pathogen Detection

Advance Medical Diagnostics streamlines ordering by enabling both clinicians and patients to easily find the right test.            


Simply have your doctor email/fax a requisition form or have your doctor submit an order directly through our online portal for any diagnostic test.       


Advanced Medical Diagnostics uses Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to detect over 30 infections and genetic test to help make health predictions for a more healthier, happier life. Patients will..Read More

Different Diagnosis

We specialize in a various amount of diagnostic tests!

24hr Covid 19 Testing

Covid 19 24hr Testing ...

Respiratory Pathogen Panel

Respiratory Pathogen Panel ...

Allergy Diagnostics Testing

Allergy Diagnostics Testing ...